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GXFX went into business to bring traders at all levels the most innovative, advanced and enjoyable trading platform on the web. Rather than simply piecing together another generic platform, we built GXFX around the experiences, feedback, requests and expectations of real-life traders. We listened, we responded and we ultimately developed a platform that is unlike any other online trading system currently available.

Along with the trading platform itself, it’s the all-round customer service package we offer that has made GXFX a household name among discerning traders. We take enormous pride in nurturing the development and advancement of all traders at all levels.

Rather than simply focusing on one type of trader or skill level, we offer a comprehensive range of resources and educational tools to help build confident, talented and satisfied traders.

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amount of traders
7 000 000
of successfull trades
$ 148 071 562
weekly trading volume

GXFX Guarantees

We also believe in the importance of encouraging responsible trading at all times. We never mislead our customers as to the risks involved in all types of trading and do our best to inspire informed, educated decision-making. GXFX is a brand that holds honesty, integrity and transparency in high importance.

We’d love to hear from you with any questions you have on any of our services – give the GXFX customer service team a call today.

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Our experienced and competent experts will come to your aid at any time of the day or night. These are real rescuers who will always answer each question and individually help in each case.

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